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Meet our brands : Duno


Duno is a new fashion brand that specialises in men’s clothing. With a strong focus on contemporary style, the brand offers a range of stylish and sophisticated pieces that are perfect for the modern man. From sharp suits to cool casual wear, Duno has something for everyone. The brand’s collection is constantly evolving, with new […]

Meet our brands: Bailey of Hollywood

Heroes of Richmond

Bailey of Hollywood is a company that designs, manufactures, and sells hats. The company was started in 1924 by Clarence Bailey, and has been family-owned and operated ever since. The hats made by Bailey of Hollywood are known for their high quality, stylish designs, and affordable prices. The company produces a wide range of hats, […]

Meet our brands : Pendleton


A foray into denim Pendleton Men’s Clothing Pendleton is a clothing company known for their woolen fabrics and Native American-inspired designs. The company was founded in 1863 by English immigrant Thomas Kay, and is now a subsidiary of the VF Corporation. Pendleton’s menswear line features a wide variety of clothing, including jackets, sweaters, shirts, vests, […]